The One Behind The Camera

Photography has always been my first love. I get to express my vision through the lens. With my camera I am allowed into some very private moments. As a father shares a dance with his daughter or when a couple sees each other for the very first time. I'll be there to capture these special moments.

I'm hard working yet easy going. Coming from a big loud Italian family.  I've learned to appreciate all the chaos of life. Some things I Love are the Ocean, Ice Cream and Tiny Dogs (really any dogs but tiny ones are my favorite.) So if you want to create something Beautiful? Let's get started.

My Kids and Tiny Dogs

~ Schuyler

The first born, my daughter, the one who made me a Mama. She is fierce, loving and independent.... hmmm I wonder where she gets that from?! Raising a daughter made me open my eyes to a whole new world.  I encourage her to travel and see the world for all of its beauty. To take risks and see the positive in trying new things. I always tell her, "when someone gives you and opportunity, you take it." Never stop learning, never stop growing. I can honestly say that after shooting my very first wedding while I was pregnant with her, I Loved it and I continue to learn and grow everyday. 

~ Corey

This guy, my son the one who always has me on an adventure. When you're raising kids you can only hope they make the right choices and do the right thing, but also find a path of their own. I know this kid definitely does that. He always finds the opportunity. With his wit and charm I know he will always find his way. 

~ Roxy

I am a lover of dogs, tiny dogs to be exact. Although they yip-yap all day long I don't mind. This little lady, stole my heart when I first saw her. She was born into a dog rescue, so thankfully she has not had the traumatic life most endure. She is sweet and sassy with a big Bark, but warms up to you in a few minutes. She is my sweet little Love. 

~ Tyson

This little man of the house is a true fighter. He came to me from the streets of Kentucky on the Freedom van with his Little brother. He has been through it but stills Loves to snuggle. Although he is still learning about personal space. ~lol Seriously, Rescue Dogs are the best. I'm so lucky to have him in our home with all the joy he brings.

~ Biggie Smalls

The Baby weighing in at five pounds. He is just So Cute! I didn't plan on having three dogs, but sometimes it just happens that way. I couldn't take his brother and leave him there. I'm so thankful for him. He's always by my side, so cute and cuddly. Dogs really are the best and I'm happy to have a "gang of them."

Lover of All Things Beautiful

The Best Days End With

~ Snuggling Tiny Dogs ~

My Heart Skips A Beat For

~ The Golden Hour ~

My Love Language Is

~ Acts of Service ~

There's Nothing Better Then

~ True Loves First Kiss ~

My Most Prized Possessions Are

~ Old Family Photos / Especially Of My Dad ~

I Absolutely Love

~ My Outdoor Sanctuary ~

As A Mom It's Completely Normal To

~ Shuttle Your Kids Around All Day ~

My Dream Is

~ To Have A House On The Beach ~

The Traits I Appreciate The Most In Others Are

~ Loyalty, Respect & Love ~

My Favorite Part Of The Wedding Day Is

~ The First Look ~

There's Nothing That Can't Be Cured With

~ Ice Cream ~

I Love To Spend My Money On

~ Traveling & Adventures ~

I Am Grateful For

~ My Chaotic Family ~

Level Up With A Photobooth

If you Love photographs. You will definitely Love my photobooth! It's a great add on to your wedding. You can choose from social booth, that is an interactive experience or the legacy booth, which includes an awesome keepsake for your guests. My photobooths add an extra level of entertainment and did I mention fun! They are Intimate enough for one or two people and spacious enough to add a big group. If you want something a little extra special. Please inquire about leveling up.

Vintage with a Modern Twist

This is Not your Ordinary Photobooth! The Pixel Wagon is a 1974 Horse Trailer that has been converted into a Mobile Photobooth. Take a look at all the unique charm, this trailer can also be used as a sitting lounge and a hang out area. Plus a great backdrop for your photos! Give your guests a distinctive and fun experience.


"You'll know the people that feed your soul... because you'll feel good after spending time with them"

-Denise Linn